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What I Got For My 17th Birthday (with pictures)

This time last year, I wrote a post all about my 16th birthday and the gifts I kindly received, which people seemed to like, particularly for gift inspiration in the run up to Christmas! This year, I thought I'd do the same, although like most 17 year olds, most of my presents were money towards driving lessons/ insurance/ all the other wonderful car stuff to think about.

Again, same disclaimer from last year's: I am not bragging about the presents I received, I am overwhelmingly grateful for anybody that bought me a present/ money, gave me a card or said 'happy birthday' - I had a fantastic birthday this year even if it was a little scary to be turning 17! Where have the years gone? 

I've not categorised things this year as it would've been slightly harder but I've separated the items I wanted to talk a little more about and then thrown the self explanatory items at the bottom.... enjoy!

 Holographic creepers and Models Own nail varnish
I don't normally state who's bought me different presents but as Amy has been featured in many a video I thought I'd make an exception. A while ago I mentioned Simply Nailogical's channel to Amy - I had fallen in love with the holo plastered all over those videos. Because Amy is so incredibly thoughtful and creative, when I went round a week last Friday and she gave me my birthday gifts early and I was so excited! These shoes are the coolest shoes I have ever owned hands down and I've loved wearing them with a very plain outfit to jazz it up a bit (okay, maybe a lot). I've never tried Model's Own varnishes before but these glitter top coats are incredible, I've used the rose gold one for an accent nail this week - it hasn't chipped at all and there is an insane amount of glitter with just one swipe. So thank you Amy! You're the best :) 

 Magnitone London BareFaced Brazilian Bombshell Edition
I'm not entirely sure how to explain this product but if you know what a Clarisonic is, it's the same thing, a facial brush that vibrates/ turns (a little like an oversized electric toothbrush - technical terminology, I know) as you move it around your face with a little water and your chosen product to cleanse your skin. So far, I absolutely love this, it's so satisfying to use and only takes one minute so doesn't add an awful lot of time to a skincare routine - also you can just use the cleanser or face wash you normally use and skip that step later.
The brush can be changed and the company sell various types for different skin requirements (e.g. oily, sensitive) so it can be used by pretty much everyone. Although I have only been using this for a few days, already I have noticed a difference in my skin; rather than looking a little dull or red later in the day, my skin looks even and it's done a really good job of clearing up areas of my skin that aren't fantastic, whilst at the same time not being too abrasive. Definitely would recommend - PLUS the charger is magnetic and just sits over the charging point rather than plugging the device in which feels like a taste of the future... 

And other stuff...

Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Languag - David Crystal, Kindle (8th Generation), Soap and Glory Clean on me Shower Gel & Scrub, Benefit Cosmetics High Bema and Air Patrol, Lancome Juicy Tubes, Colourpop Lippie Stixx in Poppin, Look Fantastic make up brushes 

As we can see, my love for Benefit has not died out. Both of the products I was kindly given were items that I already know and love but had only had the deluxe sample sizes of. The Air Patrol primer has become a favourite after I found my Urban Decay Primer Potion was bunching up on my eyelid and causing my skin to become really dry (not a good look). This primer feels incredibly cooling and moisturising - unique to any other primer I've used before - and the yellow tone makes it fantastic at cancelling out any colour on the eyelids to make the eyeshadow pigment stand out. I'm not entirely sure I need to speak too much about High Beam, it's a bit of a beauty cult classic and I find the pearlescent pink works really well with my fair skin, blending really nicely and not being too bold. Although many people rave about Watt's Up! I've never really found it brilliant, I really struggle to get any pay off on my skin at all but this highlighter changed my mind about highlighters completely - I used to want to cancel out any shine whatsoever yet now I have joined the realms of highlighter addicts. RIP my sanity. 

I've owned Juicy Tubes in the past and really do like them - if you're just looking for a simple, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin lip gloss I would definitely give them a go, particularly as they're so handbag friendly. 

I haven't used the brushes yet but they're rose gold and soft with white bristles so I see them becoming a favourite. 

Wow. I have wanted to try Colourpop for such a long time but it's really difficult to get it in the UK. Amazingly, one of my friends batted the customs fees and ordered a load of products a little while ago and gave me a beautiful, matte, bold pink lip stick from the brand as part of my birthday present. I've only worn this once so far but it stays on relentlessly and the colour and formula is so lovely - although it is 100% matte, it's incredibly comfortable to wear and the pigment is crazy. 

This year, I have started my A Levels in English Language, English Literature, Biology and History - for non UK readers (yes, I check my Google Analytics) that's the exams taken by many 16-18 year olds to get in to university (there are other routes but I chose to stay in school and take A Levels). Due to taking both English subjects, books are a necessity (I love reading anyway but a lot of novels and texts are required in both courses, particularly Lit) and on a Kindle, I can opt for a lighter (and cheaper as many classics are free or incredibly low in price) option. This version is touchscreen and quite small so really easy to carry around and I've really enjoyed being able to look up any words immediately using the dictionary function as well as being able to annotate as I read really easily in screen. It's also white. Pretty.
David Crystal (aka the 'Language God') is the heart throb of the English department at school and I thought his Encyclopedia of Language would be handy to have on the shelf to refer to - it's very long but also very interesting. Side note: if you're also studying English Language or just enjoy the topic in general, definitely listen to Michael Rosen's BBC Radio Four Word of Mouth podcast, it's great.

Hope you've all had a lovely day and if I don't post before then, Happy Halloween!!
Elle x

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